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CO2 Gassing Accessory Tensile VOCC

CO2 Gassing Accessory Tensile VOCC


  • 1.1 General information

    The equipment consists of a clamping bracket with rubber seal tube, gas venting arrangement with nipple to connect the CO2 gas pipe.

  • 1.2 General Usage

    This equipment used for passing the CO2 gas through tensile type specimen.

  • 1.3 Product Data

    Product Name:

    CO2 Gassing Acc Tensile

    Product Code:


    Order Reference Code:


    Electrical Supply Required:

    Not Required

    Electrical Plug:

    Not Applicable

    Typical Maximum Current:

    Not applicable

    Compressed air Supply:

    Not Required



    Not Applicable


    130x95x40mm (WXBXH)

    Packing Dimensions:

    160x130x80mm (WXBXH) Typical

    Net Weight:

    Approximately 0.45 kg

    Gross Weight:

    Approximately 1 kg


    Factory Default

    Measuring Range:

    Not Applicable

    Traceable to:

    Manufacturers Standards

    Least Count:

    Not Applicable

    Specimen Requirements:

    Tensile type


    Operating Temperature:

    0-50 degree Celsius

    Testing Standards:

    BIS: Standard

    AFS: Optional

    Calibration Frequency:

    4500 nos. of Testing Cycles or Once in Year

  • 2.1 Scope of supply

    • CO2 gassing accessory.
    • Instruction manual.
  • 3.1 Recommended pre-requisite equipment

    Sand Splitter : To get representative sample

    Tensile Core Box VCB

    Specimen preparation equipment to make a standard AFS or Metric Tensile specimen.

  • 4.1 Recommended Calibration kits


  • 4.2 Recommended attachments


  • 4.3 Alternative equipment


  • 5.1 Consumables


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