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Digital Methylene Blue Clay Tester VMBD

Digital Methylene Blue Clay Tester VMBD


  • 1.1 General information

    The fully automatic Digital Methylene Blue Clay Tester has been designed for checking the active clay percentage in bentonite bonded sands.

    This equipment is equipped with a heating, cooling, stirring and sensing systems which are electronically controlled. The equipment comes with a touchscreen display and the capability to communicate over Ethernet and Cloud Sync using V-Sync device

  • 1.2 General Usage

    Digital Methylene Blue Clay Tester is used to determine Active Clay of Foundry Moulding Sand.

    After prepping the equipment, put in sand sample, Press start and wait for results.

  • 1.3 Product Data

    Product Name:

    Digital Methylene Blue Clay Tester

    Product Code:


    Order Reference Code:


    Electrical Supply Required:

    230v 50Hz A.C. (Default)

    110v 60 Hz A.C (Optional)

    Single Phase, Stabilized with Over/ Under Voltage cut-off.

    Electrical Plug:

    M type : 15 Amp Plug

    Typical Maximum Current:

    9.5 A at 230V AC

    Compressed air Supply:

    Dry air @5 Bar


    • Ethernet (Optional)
    • CloudSync using V-Sync



    600x500x700 mm Machine

    380x210x600 mm Panel

    290x215x320 mm Refilling Tanks

    Packing Dimensions:

    700 mmx 750mm x 800 mm (WXBXH) Typical

    Net Weight:

    110 Kg Machine

    20 Kg Panel

    05 Kg Refilling Tank

    135 Kg Net

    Gross Weight:

    Approximately 175 kg


    Factory Default

    Measuring Range:

    2-20 %

    Traceable to:

    Manufacture Standards

    Least Count:

    0.2% or Corresponding to 1 ml Methylene Blue Standard Solution

    Specimen Requirements:

    Representative sand sample

    Operating Temperature:

    0-50 degrees Celsius

    Testing Standards:


    Calibration Frequency:

    950 nos. of Testing Cycles or Once in 6 months.

  • 2.1 Scope of supply

    • Active Clay Tester.
    • MB Solution – 1 Ltr.
    • Filter Paper – 1 Stack
    • Metal Beaker – 1 No.
    • Refilling Tanks with Bracket – 01 Set.
    • Cleaning Brush.
    • Calibration certificate.
    • Instruction manual.
  • 3.1 Recommended pre-requisite equipment

    • Weighing Balance 300 grams.

                       (Accuracy: 5mg)

  • 4.1 Recommended Calibration kits


  • 4.2 Recommended attachments


  • 4.3 Alternative equipment

    Methylene Blue Clay Tester VMB

  • 5.1 Consumables

    Demineralized (DM) Water

    Methylene Blue Solution

    Filter Paper Roll

    Sulphuric Acid

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