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Sand Shooter Cold Box for Transverse VSSC-T

Sand Shooter Cold Box for Transverse VSSC-T


  • 1.1 General information

    Sand shooter cold box is consists of controlled heating mechanism with temperature indicator, transverse type split core box with handle. Sand shooting arrangement, suitable for cold box sand. Gassing accessory with clamping mechanism.

  • 1.2 General Usage

    Sand shooter cold box has been designed as a complete unit for prepare the specimen from clod box sand. Prepared specimen use to check the transverse strength of sand.

  • 1.3 Product Data

    Product Name:

    Sand Shooter Cold Box for Transverse

    Product Code:


    Order Reference Code:


    Electrical Supply Required:

    230v 50Hz A.C. (Default)

    110v 60 Hz A.C (Optional)

    Single Phase, Stabilized with Over/ Under Voltage cut-off.

    Electrical Plug:

    M type : 15 Amp Plug

    Typical Maximum Current:

    2.2 A at 230V

    Compressed air Supply:

    5 Kg/cm2 Dry Air


    Not Applicable


    460x380x830mm (WXBXH)

    Packing Dimensions:

    510x460x1000mm (WXBXH) Typical

    Net Weight:

    Approximately 58 kg

    Gross Weight:

    Approximately 68 kg


    Factory Default

    Measuring Range:

    One Specimen

    Traceable to:

    Manufacturers Standards

    Least Count:

    Not Applicable

    Specimen Requirements:

    Not Required

    Operating Temperature:

    0-50 degrees Celsius

    Testing Standards:

    BIS: Standard

    AFS: Optional

    Calibration Frequency:

    11500 nos. of Testing Cycles or Once in Year

  • 2.1 Scope of supply

    • Sand shooter cold box.
    • Transverse core box with handle.
    • Gassing Accessories.
    • Burette.
    • Assy outer tube.
    • Hand gloves set.
    • Calibration certificate.
    • Instruction manual.
  • 3.1 Recommended pre-requisite equipment

    Sand Splitter : To get representative sample

    Sans Mixer VCS4 or

    Sand Mixer VCS10

  • 4.1 Recommended Calibration kits

    VKHC: For Temperature

  • 4.2 Recommended attachments


  • 4.3 Alternative equipment


  • 5.1 Consumables

    Amine gas liquid.

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