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Universal Strength Machine VUN

Universal Strength Machine VUN


  • 1.1 General information

    Universal Strength machine is equipped with a hydraulic loading mechanism and dial indicator which is measure the strength reading. It can measure compression strength of an AFS (Dia. 2”X2”) or Metric (Dia. 50mmX50mm) Specimen.

    With Help of attachment it can also measure

    • High Compression Strength (Refer 4.2.1)
    • Shear Strength (Refer 4.2.2)
    • Splitting Strength (Refer 4.2.3).
    • Tensile Strength (Refer 4.2.4).
    • Transverse Strength (Refer 4.2.5).
    • Twin Transverse Strength (Refer 4.2.6).
    • Deformation (Refer 4.2.7).
  • 1.2 General Usage

    Keep the specimen in between compression pads or accessory, start the test cycle & get the various type of strength reading.

  • 1.3 Product Data

    Product Name:

    Universal Strength Machine

    Product Code:


    Order Reference Code:


    Electrical Supply Required:

    Not Required

    Electrical Plug:

    Not Applicable

    Typical Maximum Current:

    Not Applicable

    Compressed air Supply:

    Not Required


    Not Applicable


    590 X 200 X 310 mm (WXBXH)

    Packing Dimensions:

    690 mmx 410mm x 410 mm (WXBXH) Typical

    Net Weight:

    Approximately 20 kg

    Gross Weight:

    Approximately 25 kg


    Factory Default

    Measuring Range:

    Compression:1600 Gm/cm2 Shear/Splitting: 1300 Gm/cm2

    Tensile : 6 Kg/cm2

    Transverse: 60 Kg/cm2

    Deformation: 10mm

    Traceable to:

    NABL Standards

    Least Count:

    Compression: 20 Gm/cm2

    Shear/Splitting: 20 Gm/cm2

    Tensile : 0.1 Kg/cm2

    Transverse: 1 Kg/cm2

    Deformation: 0.01 mm

    Specimen Requirements:


    Operating Temperature:

    0-50 degree Celsius

    Testing Standards:

    BIS: Standard

    AFS: Optional

    Calibration Frequency:

    22500 nos. of Testing Cycles or Once in Year

  • 2.1 Scope of supply

    • Universal Strength Machine.
    • Compression pad set.
    • Assy. Low pressure gauge.
    • Assy. Oil funnel.
    • 320 No. Oil (1/2 Ltr.)
    • Calibration certificate.
    • Instruction manual.
  • 3.1 Recommended pre-requisite equipment

    Sand Splitter : To get representative sample

    Specimen preparation equipment’s to make a standard AFS or Metric specimen.

  • 4.1 Recommended Calibration kits

    There are two types of calibration kits to choose from:

    VKSL: For Low Strength

    VKSH: For High Strength

  • 4.2 Recommended attachments

    • VUH: High Dry Strength Attachment
    • VHS: Shear Strength Attachment
    • VSA: Splitting Strength Attachment
    • VAS: Tensile Strength Attachment
    • VTS: Transverse Strength Attachment
    • VTT: Twin Transverse Shear Attachment
    • VDS: Deformation Attachment
  • 4.3 Alternative equipment

    • Universal Strength Machine Digital VUD
    • Universal Strength Machine VUM
    • Universal Strength Machine Digital VUD III
  • 5.1 Consumables

    Hydraulic oil 320 No.

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